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About Us


We started work  in June 2011 .Our Reg. No.- 8720. Prior to that, seven of the present members were involved with a Social Activities for over a year. This Trust is governed by the Professionals and having high Transparency and Credibility Structure through Feedback Report system which ensure that 100% of your contribution reaches to the needy people in such away that upliftment of Society and weaker section can took place Rashtriya Unnayan Yojana is a Trust, Under Goverment Act 1882, Social Organization based in Kolkata, formed by a group of likeminded, elite professionals and academicians from various segments of society. Mission of the organization is to make a contribution to poor and under privileged people of India by providing them Loan, Education and Basic Healthcare facilities. We at RUY involve the people of India in the process of development of Education, Healthcare and Environment. The responsibility of RUY is mainly to uplift the education in the rural areas and we try to reach all area where education has not. We recognize education as the main tool that empowers individuals to make informed choices, resist oppression & claim their rights, besides opening new possibilities & opportunities for themselves. Everything that we do is focused on turning our beliefs into a tangible reality. We have a very comprehensive education program as per the developmental age of children and socio-economic milieu under which they exist. The philosophy of our organization is based on the belief that each child deserves an equal opportunity for total development.

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News & Updates

URGENT NOTICE 12/12/2014

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Vacancy for Bihar and Jharkhand

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Rashtriya Unnayan Yojana(RUY) has taken a decision not to continue the cur... arrow Read More